CAOBISCO MANIFESTO FOR 2024-2029 EU policy cycle

We are pleased to publish the CAOBISCO Manifesto for the 2024-2029 EU policy cycle. This document represents the collective voice of over 14,000 European chocolate, biscuit, and confectionery manufacturing companies, 99% of which are SMEs. Our manifesto highlights the critical role our industry plays in the European economy, from supporting local supply chains to driving innovation and maintaining high standards of quality.

Our industry is committed to upholding the values of sustainability, fair trade, and responsible production while ensuring that our products remain beloved staples in households worldwide. Through this document, we advocate for policies that foster open strategic autonomy, fair competition, and the development of sustainable supply chains. We believe that by working together with policymakers and stakeholders, we can build a resilient and prosperous future for the European chocolate, biscuit, and confectionery industry.

The Manifesto is available here.

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