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Cocoa Sustainability

CAOBISCO supports a fair balanced and sustainable supply chain

CAOBISCO supports a fair balanced and sustainable supply chain

Caobisco and its partners in the cocoa supply chain, including the origin country governments and local authorities, are working together to address the complex challenge of achieving a sustainable cocoa farming allowing cocoa growing communities to sustainably improve their livelihoods and well-being while producing cocoa in the quality and quantity needed by the cocoa and chocolate industry to manufacture products satisfying the requirements of the consumers.

This complex and primary challenge requires a holistic approach in which all operators of the cocoa supply chain have their role to play in coordination and partnership with producer country governments, NGOs and international organisations like ILO-IPEC, in order to implement efficient and sustainable solutions.

This is a long-term engagement. CAOBISCO, in partnership with key stakeholders remain committed in fulfilling the ambition of sustainable cocoa farming, helping farmers, families and children to achieve a better life.