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GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation - May 25,2018

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

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Don’t dismiss industry encouragement of physical activity, says obesity expert - May 15,2013

Food industry encouragement of physical activity in obesity prevention should be welcomed, according to an obesity expert who spoke at the European Congress on Obesity in the UK on Monday.

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The Power of Cocoa Polyphenols Against Neurodegenerative Diseases - Apr 15,2013

A new study has shed light on neuroprotective effects of cocoa polyphenols, which may have important implications for prevention of cognitive impairment in elderly and in neurodegenerative diseases in counteracting disease`s progression.

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EU sugar quotas should go by 2017, says Council of the EU - Mar 21,2013

The Council of the European Union last night issued a mandate to scrap EU sugar quotas by 2017 and a final decision is now set for June.

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EU sugar quotas extended to 2020 - Mar 13,2013

EU sugar quotas will remain in place in Europe until 2020 after a vote on Common Agricultural Policy reforms (CAP) in European Parliament today.

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EU Parliament’s Vote to Extend Sugar Quotas Sends ‘Wrong Signal’ - Mar 13,2013

A vote by the European Parliament to extend sugar quotas that limit production until 2020 sends the “wrong signal,” according to the Committee of European Sugar Users.

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EU sugar quota plan would force consumers to pay more for longer - Feb 25,2013

Reuters article relating an interview from Muriel Korter, secretary general of CIUS about the negative economic impact of the current sugar regime on SMEs.

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Le sucre fait fondre les marges des industriels - Jan 18,2013

The decrease of sugar on world markets doesn't benefit French industrial users of sugar. This means they have to absorb commodities high prices instead of investing. (Press article in French only)

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Research highlight 6 foods and ingredients that boost memory - Jan 17,2013

A recent research has shown that blueberries, salmon, green tea, walnuts, chocolate and leafy vegetables have properties which can help boosting memory.

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Mondelēz International debuts “Cocoa Life” - Dec 20,2012

Mondelēz International today unveiled “Cocoa Life” – the company’s largest, most comprehensive cocoa sustainability effort to date.

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EU sugar users ask EP AGRI members to support a fair, balanced and sustainable supply chain for sugar - Sept 14,2012

CIUS welcomes the high interest from MEPs in the sugar market reform and the debate planed in the European Parliament on 17 September 2012.

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