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Nov 12,2014  -  Successful launch of Caobisco engagement towards the new European Parliament

Successful launch of Caobisco engagement towards the new European Parliament

On 4th November 2014 Caobisco organised a reception in the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Alessandra Moretti, as a kick-off to Caobisco engagement towards the new European Parliament.


Mrs Moretti’s introduction speech echoed Caobisco priorities for the next five years (see here):

  • She underlined the importance to promote the savoir faire and tradition in our sectors in support of European SMEs, which are the core of European business;

  • She pleaded for avoiding “the stigmatisation of any specific food category but rather promote education programmes about diet management”.

  • She highly recommended the Parliament to conclude public-private partnerships and sector investments to create an environment where the sustainability of supply chains is improved.


Mrs Moretti expressed a clear view on SMART legislation: reduction of administrative burden and minimisation of damages caused by new pieces of legislation. An open and transparent dialogue is needed to reach this goal. The event was a first step in this direction.


Patrick Poirrier, President of Caobisco, presented our industry and underlined our willingness to engage with the European Parliament: offering our expertise of the European market, sharing data and knowledge, opening the doors of production sites.


The event attracted a large audience of representatives of the European Parliament (including 9 MEPs) and the European Commission. They all appreciated the display of products from many different European markets.