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May 27,2014  -  Citizens and industry need more Europe and a stronger Europe

Citizens and industry need more Europe and a stronger Europe

A glance through the first results of the votes in 28 EU Member States for the new European Parliament calls for a strong positioning in support of a robust and sustainable EU leadership delivering value for citizens and businesses alike.

Caobisco representing the interests of the Chocolate, Biscuits and Sugar confectionery manufacturers at European Level calls for more Europe and a stronger Europe.



Indeed the new landscape shaped by Sunday’s vote demonstrates a greater fragmentation of the political parties at national level and an increase of seats for those new political groups as well as for Eurosceptic groups.


Gains by the extremes of the political spectrum will affect the way a parliamentary majority can be formed and thus the capacity:

  • To take decisions that impact citizens’ prime concerns such as economic competitiveness, employment, quality education, health, pensions;

  • To progress policies at EU level that will generate the wealth necessary to meet expectations of Europeans;

  • To ensure the competitiveness of EU businesses by the creation of an environment conducive to the export of EU products and to investment into EU manufacturing



We urge the European Parliament and the European Council to nominate an ambitious leader who is ready to engage the institutions towards a Political Union supporting the Economic Union.  Backed by a strong Political European Union, European actors will be able to keep their place and leadership role in innovation and sustainable development within a globalised world economy.

We are looking for:

  • A strong EU industrial policy securing the competitiveness of our industries

  • A strong position of the European Union in bilateral trade negotiations with the objective to facilitate access to high value added products to world markets

A sustainable nutrition and health policy building on the needs of consumers and businesses.