Chocolate, biscuits & confectionery of Europe

Apr 07,2014  -  WHO Consultation: CAOBISCO pleads for further scientific substantiation

CAOBISCO is the Association of Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries of Europe.

With 17 member National Associations as well as direct member companies and affiliated members, Caobisco represents more than 2000 European Chocolate, biscuit and confectionery manufacturers.

Caobisco appreciates the opportunity to comment on the draft WHO Guideline on Sugars Intake for Adults and Children, published on 5 March 2014.

For us, substantial debate and involvement of all stakeholders such as Industry, Institute of Medicine and EFSA are crucial.

We believe that before a recommendation to further reduce free sugars intake to less than 5% of total energy can eventually be made to consumers, this complex matter requires further scientific substantiation and the full engagement and collaboration of the many stakeholders concerned.

As Industry, we are keeping abreast of all scientific developments in the field and welcome further solid science and debate on sugars and their impacts on NCDs and are firmly committed to making a constructive contribution.

Source: Caobisco