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Oct 31,2012  -  SEMAD/CAOBISCO Event - 19.10.2012, Brussels

CAOBİSCO and ŞEMAD (Turkish Association of the Confectionery Manufacturers) organised on 19th October 2012 a Workshop on the topic «How regulations can foster or hinder competitiveness: an analysis of the current sugar market organisation in the EU and Turkey», in the presence of Mr Ibrahim Yigit, Member of the Turkish Parliament, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Affairs.

The CAOBISCO-SEMAD workshop was attended by high level national representatives of local authorities, from Members of the Turkish Parliament to agriculture attachés of Permanent Representations of EU Member States, as well as officials from the European Commission DG Agri, Trade and Enterprise services.

Both organisations gathered to debate about the impact a highly regulated sugar market can have on the competitiveness of the confectionery industry in Turkey and in the EU.

Both organisations agreed that production quotas were harming market orientation and argued on the need for deregulation letting natural market forces respond to demand by sufficient sugar supply, whether produced from beet, corn or wheat.

SEMAD outlined the sourcing difficulties because glucose is in Turkey included in the overall sugar quota, whilst Caobisco argued for an elimination of production quotas in the EU as part of the EU CAP reform, backing up evidence of sufficient competitiveness of the sugar beet growers whose yields in the EU (80%) are above world average yields.

Martin Van Driel, the Commission representative, defended the Commission proposal to let the sugar production quotas phase out in 2015, calling quotas rigid, restricting market developments.

The workshop concluded that within the context of global supply chains, fair competition can only be guaranteed if the market forces can operate freely leading to the development of competitive actors at all levels of the chain.