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Nov 13,2012  -  CAOBISCO welcomes the decision of the Danish government on taxes

CAOBISCO welcomes the decision made by the Danish government to abolish the discriminatory tax on saturated fat introduced in 2011 and decide against the introduction of a tax on sugar.  

Caobisco industries remain strongly opposed to any tax on food products which is discriminatory in nature, placing the burden of the obesity problem and other non-communicable diseases on a single product category.

 The experience of the Danish government confirms CAOBISCO position: 

  • food taxes are complex and expensive to manage at the national level 

  • increase prices and have distortive impacts like increased cross-border shopping and job losses

  • damage the competitiveness of industry

  • hit low-income populations the hardest as lower socio-economic groups are known to spend a larger share of their income on food

  • have not demonstrated their effectiveness in bringing about positive behavioural change among consumers in their dietary choices

 CAOBISCO encourages European national governments which have already imposed such measures or are considering doing so to learn from the Danish experience. Furthermore CAOBISCO and its members encourage constructive and collective actions aiming at informing and educating the consumers about product composition, balanced diets and healthy lifestyle instead of imposing discriminative and punitive measures that place additional bureaucratic and economic burden on the shoulders of the industries (in particular SMEs) and have negative side effects on employment and competitiveness.

 Obesity is a multi-factorial challenge that needs a holistic approach and a partnership with all stakeholders, including public health authorities, schools and civil society, to take positive actions.

 Our manufacturers are committed to playing their role. For example through the GDAs voluntarily implemented on our packs and most notably through commitments under the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health.