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Apr 14,2015  -  CAOBISCO-NCA Joint Statement in support of an EU-US free trade area

CAOBISCO-NCA Joint Statement in support of an EU-US free trade area

CAOBISCO and NCA welcome the ambitions of the European Union and the United States to conclude the T-TIP negotiations with the objective to create the biggest economic free trade area in the world. This achievement would lead to major gains in economic growth and competitiveness for both the EU and US economies and their food industries.

  • We support the elimination of all tariffs on confectionery products without any exception given to sensitive products. This needs to be accompanied by flexible rules of origin for confectionery products.

  • We believe that the T-TIP should lead to the elimination of burdensome and costly non-tariff trade barriers that limit the free movement of goods.

  • The free trade area will require enhanced regulatory compatibility, convergence, recognition and coordination while maintaining high safety, health, and environmental standards. Closer cooperation between EU and U.S. regulators, political bodies, industry and other stakeholders is necessary to improve the coherence of future regulations and to contribute to a more predictable business environment. This objective can be achieved without prejudice to both parties’ level of consumer, health, environmental protection, and sovereign right to regulate.

  • The TTIP will give new impetus to the multilateral trade negotiations and will contribute to the development of a common set of high-standard global rules. Moreover, regulatory compromises found in T-TIP can then be promoted towards third countries in multilateral or in bilateral contexts.

CAOBISCO and NCA are ready to engage with all interested parties to ensure the delivery of a trade deal that will create new growth opportunities on both sides of the atlantic.



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CAOBISCO is the Association of the Chocolate, Biscuits and Confectionery Industries of Europe representing a workforce of more than 293 000 people and 12 000 companies (99,4% SMEs), with an annual turnover of € 73 billion and an annual production of around 11.1 million tons.


NCA - The National Confectioners Association is the federal US-based trade group representing the $34 billion U.S. confectionery industry and comprised of 320 member companies that manufacture and market the vast majority of chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionery and gum sold in the United States.