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Feb 10,2015  -  Caobisco gets chocolate lovers to move at the Salon du Chocolat

Caobisco gets chocolate lovers to move at the Salon du Chocolat

February 6-8 2015 marked the 2nd consecutive year Caobisco participated in the Salon du Chocolat in Brussels. This three-day event brought in over 33,000 chocolate lovers (10% more participants compared to the 1st edition) interested in the savoir faire and creativity of manufacturers.


Hundreds of people took a break from sampling chocolate and joined us at our "Chocolate Movers" stand. We seized this unique opportunity to engage with consumers (including some new and existing stakeholders) to get a broader sense of their understanding of Caobisco’s key messages: the place of Caobisco’s products at the top of the food pyramid; the importance of a varied diet where calories in and out are in balance as well as the importance of regular physical activity. Three sport coaches mobilized hundreds of participants to translate our messages into action, thus transforming chocolate lovers into chocolate movers!


Caobisco’s participation at the heart of this popular and festive event helped remind visitors of the wonderful pleasure that chocolate brings to people! Caobisco is already considering its participation in the 2016 edition of the Salon.




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